For the second month in a row, the pace of military and security incidents was down due to a decrease in the number of bombings and air raids by the army of the Syrian regime and the Russian forces in conjunction with a decrease in the frequency of ISIS attacks. Meanwhile,

clashes and shelling continued between factions of the National Army of the Syrian opposition and the Kurdish militias. Military preparations for an anticipated Turkish military operation also continued. No change was recorded in the map of influence of the various military forces, despite the entry of a limited number of Syrian regime forces into the areas of control of the “Syrian Democratic Forces / SDF” militia dominated by the fighters of the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” militia in Raqqa and the suburbs of Aleppo and Hasakah.

Groups of Russian forces and their mercenaries (Wagner) withdrew from their positions in Daraa and east of Homs to supply forces to the war in Ukraine. Harmoon Center monitors observed that they were replaced by Iranian-backed militias who filled the vacuum created by the withdrawal. Meanwhile, the Turkish army escalated its attacks against members and leaders of SDF.