The parties to the conflict continued to intensify their movements in preparation for an anticipated Turkish military operation against SDF positions in northern Syria that were dominated by Kurdish YPG militia fighters. Despite the deployment of additional Syrian regime forces in SDF-controlled areas — following an agreement between the two parties coordinated by Russia — as well as the escalation of clashes and increased shelling in northern Syria, there was no significant change in the map of the areas of military influence.

The attacks by American and Turkish drones were the most notable military events in July. These included the killing of the leader of ISIS in Syria by American forces and the targeting of several SDF militia leaders by Turkey. The prevailing insecurity in As-Suwayda continued and there was a remarkable decline in the frequency of ISIS operations. The Israeli occupation army limited its operations in Syria to two attacks that tar-geted positions of the Syrian regime and Iranian backed militias.

The Iranian backed militias continued to strengthen their forces and influence in several areas of the Syrian territories, while Hezbollah continued to store Iranian weapons in Syria and transport them across the border to their strongholds in Lebanon.

The following report reviews the most important military and security events that took place in July.

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