Syria has witnessed continuous migrations throughout history, to and from it. However, following the outbreak of the revolution in 2011 migration waves from Syria have surged, and millions of Syrians were forced to leave their country or flee to other areas inside Syria. As regime violence increased — suppressing demonstrators to the point of bombing cities with planes and barrel bombs — so did the migration waves. Nonetheless, with the near cessation of military operations after 2019, a new form of migration has emerged: migration from areas controlled by the Syrian regime that do not witness military operations.

This study seeks to shed light on this phenomenon by finding out its causes, motives, routes, destinations, who is migrating, effects of this migration on society and finally about the migrants themselves.

The data was collected using questionnaires and interviews as well as relevant literature and studies. There were 400 questionnaires about the perceptions of the Syrians residing in the areas of the study and 100 questionnaires about the persons they migrated with in the last two years. There were 20 interviews with residents and 10 with migrants. The questionnaires and the interviews were conducted between December 2021 and July 2022, after which the data was analyzed and authenticated.

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