The economic condition in Syria is becoming more and more difficult inthe areas under regime control as international support for the daily needs of civilian is declining and the Syrian regime is unable to find solutions to the various economic crises facing its citizens. Meanwhile, Syrians are finding it increasingly formidable to provide for their families and meet their basic needs.

In the areas controlled by the Syrian regime, the fuel and energy crisis continues to be the most urgent challenge, and the repercussions of its severity on various sectors is unprecedented. The energy shortage caused a total blackout for two days (June 18 and 19) in all regime-controlled areas, and electricity rationing increased to unprecedented levels. Furthermore, there was a water shortage emergency due to the scarcity of fuel needed to run pumping stations, a transportation crisis, and the suspension of both public

Despite the slight decrease in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar — it reached 3990 Syrian pounds at the beginning of the month and 4020 Syrian pounds at the end of the month — the prices of some basic goods recorded relative increases. Meanwhile, the regime continued to lift subsidies for certain groups of engineers, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and lawyers.