Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies announces its upcoming annual conference for Syrian researchers specializing in the fields of social sciences and humanities. The 4th edition of this esteemed event is scheduled to take place in Istanbul on September 21st and 22nd, 2024. This year, our invitation extends to both Syrian and non-Syrian researchers, to foster collaboration and create a platform for insightful discussions on topics centered around Syria.

Harmoon Center recognizes its role as a dedicated research institution, primarily focused on promoting studies that illuminate various aspects of Syria within its intricate social, political, economic, and cultural contexts and while employing rigorous research methodologies. This commitment holds even greater significance today as Syria navigates the complexities of a profound and multifaceted crisis.

Conference Objectives:

The conference has a twofold aim: nurturing the growth of a collaborative Syrian research community and promoting an open academic debate. For Syrian researchers spread across different countries, this platform offers an exceptional occasion to meet, network, and draw inspiration from the research and accomplishments of their peers. It is a unique space for sharing perspectives on matters that are relevant to Syria and its society. The conference champions liberty and academic autonomy, a significant shift following nearly sixty years of restricted freedoms – even the freedom to pursue research in social science and humanities. Furthermore, the conference serves as a conduit for interaction between Syrian researchers and their Arab and international peers.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers to showcase their research inquiries in an academic environment that underscores objectivity and critical thinking. It serves as a platform for presenting and developing ongoing or unpublished research, regardless of the research topic or academic specialization of the researcher.

Eligible research submissions include doctoral or master’s theses as well as forthcoming books. Previously published research, whether in full or part, will not be considered. The conference will retain intellectual rights to the presented research, except for postgraduate theses (master’s and doctorate) which still are required to acknowledge their initial presentation within this conference.

Review and publication of research papers:

The papers submitted for participation in the conference will undergo a rigorous peer-review process. Except for master’s and doctoral theses, conference papers will be published in Qalamoun Magazine, Harmoon Center website, or in a dedicated conference publication, with the aim of introducing the research papers to a wide audience of readers.

Registration requirements:

Consistent with the Center’s mission and the conference’s objectives, prospective conference participants are required to meet the following criteria:

Research should focus on a social, economic, or political issue relevant to Syrian society.

Applications must be submitted along with an updated list of prior research, as well as an abstract of the proposed research in either Arabic or English (limited to 500 words). The abstract must include the research topic, research question, and methodology. The deadline for submission is Friday, 13 October 2023. The registration form can be accessed here: https://forms.office.com/r/q8rLsgU5yG

The conference’s scientific committee will review the applications and abstracts, and researchers whose proposals are approved will be notified no later than Monday, 30 October 2023.

Completed research papers must be submitted by Tuesday, 30 April 2024.

The research paper must not have been previously published anywhere.

Qualified reviewers will evaluate submissions to select conference participants based on merit and competitiveness. The outcomes of the review process will be communicated before the end of May 2024.

Finalized papers are due no later than Friday, 12 July 2024.

Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be communicated to researchers in the first week of August 2024

Conference details:

The conference is scheduled to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, on 21 and 22 September 2024. While being held in-person, the sessions will also be accessible through Zoom, allowing remote audiences to engage in discussions and social media channels for wider participation.

Harmoon Center will cover accommodation expenses during the conference, including meals, for all participants whose papers have been accepted.

The conference will cover travel expenses for individuals who are unable to secure such costs through their respective employers or academic institutions. Researchers requiring assistance with travel expenses should inform Harmoon Center, bearing in mind that an upper limit will be decided at a later stage.

The conference language is Arabic, and papers written in English may be accepted. Simultaneous translation services will be provided in both Arabic and English.

For more information, please contact the conference organizers by email: ACSR@harmoon.org

You may also contact Harmoon Center by telephone:

Doha: 0097444885996

Istanbul: 00902125240404

Istanbul: 00902128133217


Submission of abstracts: By Friday, 13 October 2023.

Notification of the results of the evaluation of abstracts: Monday 30 October 2023.

Submission of papers: By Tuesday, 30 April 2024.

Notification of the results of the reviews (acceptance, rejection, request for amendments): By Friday, 31 May 2024.

Final submission of papers: By Friday, 12 July 2024.

Notification of participation status: First week of August 2024.

Conference dates: Saturday and Sunday, 21 and 22 September 2024.

Venue: Istanbul – Turkey

Harmoon Center Publication Ethics

Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies is committed to its publication principles, which encompass:

Harmoon Center strictly upholds the tenets of confidentiality and objectivity throughout its peer-review process, an approach that extends to researchers and reviewers alike. Each paper submitted for review undergoes careful scrutiny and is typically assigned to two competent reviewers possessing expertise and specialized knowledge pertinent to the research topic. These reviewers rigorously evaluate the paper against predetermined criteria. In instances of conflicting assessments, the paper is referred to a third reviewer whose decision is final.

Harmoon Center selects esteemed and seasoned reviewers who possess profound expertise in their respective fields.

Harmoon Center upholds a structured internal framework with explicitly delineated duties and responsibilities, giving due consideration to the hierarchy within the editorial board.

Except for the individual directly responsible for the editorial process (Editor-in-Chief or authorized representative), editors and reviewers are strictly forbidden  from discussing the paper with any external party, including the author. It is imperative that any information or insights obtained during the review process remain confidential and must not be exploited for personal gain.

Harmoon Center extends technical, methodological, and informational assistance to researchers, drawing upon the insights provided by reviewers’ reports, when necessary to enhance the overall quality of the research.

Harmoon Center is dedicated to informing the author about the final decision regarding the reviewed paper. The Center may choose to to publish the paper without modifications or conditionally accept it, contingent upon the incorporation of necessary changes discussed during the reviewing process. The Center reserves the right to decline publication, and in such cases, clear reasons for refusal will be provided.

Harmoon Center assumes responsibility for offering comprehensive editing, printing, and electronic services upon the final publication of research papers.

Editors and reviewers at Harmoon Center adhere to a non-discrimination principle when evaluating research materials, focusing solely on intellectual content. They conscientiously avoid taking into account the author’s race, gender, social identity, religious beliefs, or political attitudes. However, the author’s commitment to the rules of scholarly thinking, methodologies, and language in presenting, discussing, or analyzing ideas, approaches, topics, and findings is considered during the evaluation process.

Harmoon Center strictly upholds the principle of Non-Conflict of Interest, ensuring that editors and researchers maintain impartiality and transparency in their interactions. This principle applies to any competitive, collaborative, or other relationships they may have with authors or institutions relevant to the research being evaluated.

Harmoon Center strictly prohibits the use of unpublished material included in a submitted research paper by any member of the editorial team or reviewers for personal research endeavors.

Harmoon Center retains full intellectual property rights for all articles published in its peer-reviewed journal and on its website. Unauthorized republication, whether in part or entirety, in Arabic or translated into foreign languages, is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent from the Center.

Harmoon Center is committed to providing gratis publication and exempts researchers from all publication costs and fees.