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   29 November 2022
Speakers include Charles Lister, Senior Fellow and Director of the Syria Program at the Middle East Institute; Caroline Rose, Senior Analyst and Program Head at the Newlines Institute and author of a major report on Captagon; Ronan Tynan filmmaker and director of the recently released and multi award winning documentary ‘Bringing Assad To justice’; and Rahaf Aldoughli, Director of Research at Harmoon Center. 
   14 July 2022
In cooperation with the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Paris, Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies held a workshop on May 24, 2022, to discuss several topics related to the role of France in the Syrian conflict beginning from 2011 until now.
   12 July 2022
En collaboration avec le Centre arabe des recherches et des études politiques à Paris (CAREP), le Centre Harmoon des études contemporaines a organisé le 24 mai 2022 un atelier afin d’examiner le rôle de la France et la politique française dans le conflit en Syrie.
   06 June 2022
Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies will host Joel Rayburn, On Thursday, June 9, 2022, at 7:00pm Damascus time, the former US envoy for Syria, in a panel discussion on “American policy toward the conflict in Syria,” moderated by the Syrian journalist Dima Wannous.
   19 May 2022
Harmoon Araştırmalar merkezi, kâr amacı gütmeyen ve özellikle Suriye meselesi ve Suriye’de devam eden çatışmalar ve gelişme senaryoları ile ilgili siyasi, sosyal ve entelektüel çalışmalar ve araştırmalar üreten bağımsız bir araştırma kurumudur. Harmoon, sivil toplumun performansını arttırma ve demokratik farkındalığı yaygınlaştırmanın yanı sıra, Arap meseleleri, arap dünyasını ilgilendiren çatışmalar ve arap bölgesel ve uluslararası ilişkileri ile ilgilenmektedir.
   11 May 2022
The Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies annual report for the year 2021 reviews the overall activities and achievements of the Center throughout the year, and highlights new activities and events for the year ahead.
   08 March 2022
Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies in Istanbul will host on Thursday and Saturday 17 and 19 March 2022, respectively, 7.00-9:30 pm, a screening of the documentary film “Bringing Assad to Justice”, as part of the activities of the 11th anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution....
   15 February 2022
Kalamoon, the Syrian Journal of Human Sciences released the 18th issue with main file ‘’The Syriacs Past and present, Their History and Role’’ You may find abstracts of each of the research papers and links to the full texts below
   11 February 2022
In cooperation with the Foreign Policy Institute in Ankara, Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies held a one-day workshop entitled “The conflict in Syria and the Turkish role and its future,” on Thursday, February 10, 2022...
   04 October 2021
In a joint collaboration Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies and the Gulf Studies Center at Qatar University held a virtual workshop entitled "The Role of Gulf States in The Ongoing Conflict in Syria".