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Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies

Harmoon Center for Contemporary Studies is one of the Arab Center for Research and Policy’s institutions. The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is an independent research institute for humanities and social sciences, both theoretical and applied, founded in the fall of 2010 as an Arab academic institution based in Doha.
Harmoon Center is an independent nonprofit research institution, focusing on the production of political, Social and intellectual studies and research related particularly to the Syrian issue, and the possible outcomes of the ongoing conflict in Syria. The center is concerned with bolstering civil society and democratic awareness. Harmoon Center also works on Arab issues and related conflicts, as well as Arab regional and international relations.
The Center undertakes projects, activities, and initiatives to promote building Syria’s future on the foundations and values of democracy, freedom, equality, human rights, and equal citizenship rights. Harmoon Center strives to become a platform for constructive dialogue and an arena for exchanging ideas.
Harmoon Center operates from two main offices: one in Doha, Qatar, the other in Istanbul, Turkey. The Center also runs The Arab Cultural Forum in Istanbul and holds activities and events (Symposiums, Webinars, Discussion Panels…) in other countries.

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